I LEADERSHIP SUMMIT LISBON | Speaker – Edson Athayde
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Speakers & Talks

CEO & CCO at FCB Lisbon


Meaningful narratives, powerful leaders

Nowadays only those who control their own narratives have true power. The power belongs to those who control not only their own narratives, but also their company’s and their team member’s world view. We are all storytellers. But only the best of us are leaders.


Since 1985 Edson has worked in several advertising agencies in Brasil, Spain and Portugal. In 2014 he became CEO and Creative Executive Director of FCB, Lisbon. Edson has had Portuguese nationality since 2004 and he is the most awarded creative advertiser working in the country. His resume gathers more than 700 awards won at the most important festivals in this field, including 8 Lions in Cannes. For several years now, Edson studies the use of storytelling as a communication tool in advertisement, journalism and social networks. Whilst continuing his career in the advertising industry, Edson also provided specialized consultancy services in political marketing for important figures of the Portuguese political spectrum. Edson is also a professor, a musical producer, a television presenter and a screenwriter. He writes articles regularly for different media and so far has edited twelve books including two novels. In 2014, he won the first National Aguinaldo Silva Script Competition in Brazil. His seminar on storytelling has been taught across several countries and has had more than ten thousand participants.