I LEADERSHIP SUMMIT LISBON | Speaker – Mark Gallagher
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Speakers & Talks

CEO Formula 1 Teams


Insights from the world of Formula One motor racing

Formula One is a complex sport, each team employing up to 1000 full time employees who have to design, develop, manufacture and operate a car which integrates technologies from aerospace, automotive and ICT. The Leadership challenge is extensive as we have to deal with constant change and transformation, whether in terms of evolving technologies, compliance or business models. Defining strategy is one thing, but having the agility necessary to adapt is critical; we thus have the dual challenge of keeping the team fully focussed on day to day execution, while at the same time innovating, adapting and preparing for what lies ahead. Building high performance teams is a primary requirement for Leadership teams, empowering our people, giving them responsibility and ensuring a positive culture of accountability.


A reference figure in the competitive world of Formula 1, Mark Gallagher brings his experience on the tracks to the world of business. For 30 years he carried out top technical, financial and operational functions at Cosworth, Jordan, Jaguar and Red Bull. His latest book “The Business of Winning: Strategic Success from the Formula One Track to the Boardroom“, addresses the topic of management in Formula 1 as a business that is intended to be lasting, viable and profitable. In his talks he addresses issues such as gaining a competitive edge from technology, focusing on the customer, risk and change management and the business of winning.