I LEADERSHIP SUMMIT LISBON | Speaker – Marisa Miraldo
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Speakers & Talks

Associate professor at imperial college london health


Empowering others and valuing diversity

Global challenges require global systems to influence health and wellbeing, education, the environment, food, water, and natural resources security, income and wealth distribution, technological innovation, and democratic participation.
The effectiveness of these systems in addressing global challenges is shaped by individual actions and how these enable or hinder diversity, equality, and collaboration. We, as citizens, professionals, policy makers and business leaders face questions the answers to which will shape our future.


Associate professor in Health Economics at the Imperial College in London, where she is also deputy Head of the Department of Management. Visiting Professor at Harvard University and Hospinnomics, a new institute that focuses on hospital innovation, jointly financed by the Paris School of Economics and AP-HP, the largest hospital group in Europe. She is also a health expert for the KPMG Data Analytics center. She addresses issues like the economic incentives and policies for medical and pharmaceutical innovation, assessing the impact of policies on health, and the performance and strategy of institutions, the behavioral determinants of decision-making in health and healthcare. She is currently leading a project (funded by the Health Foundation) that analyses decision-making in relation to innovation in cancer treatment in England.