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Lider magazine

The magazine of the event

Editorial Status

Líder magazine is a bilingual Portuguese periodical, aiming to inform all those who are interested in leadership topics. This magazine was created simultaneously with the Leadership Summit Lisbon, on 26 September 2017, and will be the tool for the dissemination of the main leadership issues of today and in the future. It will help in developing leadership teams, preparing for a global and multicultural world, for diversity and inclusion, complex, integrative, and accelerated thinking, where issues such as technology, economics, politics, psychology and philosophy are linked to each other as never before, requiring creativity, disruption and proactivity and, simultaneously, the development of a humanising vision in an ethically responsible manner. It will respect environmental and sustainability issues, based on the conviction that informed and enlightened leaders will know how to build a future that does not turn our planet into an uninhabitable space. The development of its contents will be guided by accuracy, credibility, trust and scientific relevance of the themes discussed. It will give room to minorities by building a better world. It will give room to academic thinking, good leadership practices, inspiring examples, and the theoretical and practical world. Always striving for these values and the basic principles of a democratic constitutional state, in particular, freedom, respect for human dignity and justice. It will address cross-cutting issues, i.e., from arts, to sports, human sciences, economics, etc., all of which targeted by Líder magazine.